Ivy Woolf Turk

Founder of Project Liberation

Ivy Woolf Turk

Project Liberation Founder

I felt compelled to let you know how much I have enjoyed working with you. You have been so present and gracious, and have brought remarkable insight and clarity into what seemed like a daunting process. I feel seen, heard, held, and respected as your client, very safe in the container of your knowledge and expertise. Thank you for making this process painless and bringing your energy and well wishes along with your guidance. Thank you for streamlining what could have taken too long. I am grateful for the remarkable outcome we had and look forward to working together in the future.


Naomi Rosenblatt

President and Publisher of Heliotrope Books

Elizabeth Dembrowsky/Good Counsel has expanded my range of opportunities and provided invaluable guidance to me and my indie publishing house. I found her attentive, thorough, fair, and empathic. She performs research to back up her answers, and always makes carefully considered recommendations. Her suggestion about some terms in my generic publishing contract could save me hours of work. I’ve appreciated her insights into the up and down-sides of my possible incorporation to a 501 (c) (3).


Social Impact Organization Focused on Human Sustainability

Good Counsel acted as a trusted legal advisor and assisted #FutureMeetsPresent with its incorporation as a legal entity.  The team guided #FutureMeetsPresent through the process of filing the necessary forms and documents with the state to form their LLC.  #FutureMeetsPresent has been so satisfied with their experience with Good Counsel, in the future they anticipate further utilizing the team at Good Counsel to guide them through the process of further institutionalizing their operations by drafting a formal operating agreement for the organization.

William Schmidt

Founder of Dida Academy

Good Counsel acted as a trusted legal advisor while assisting DIDA with its application to incorporate in New York State. Also, Good Counsel assisted with the completion and filing for not for profit status with the IRS, including filing its 1023 form. Throughout the process, Good Counsel demonstrated its expertise in the not for profit sector and offered the necessary hand-holding and guidance to the founders to set up the academy. As DIDA continues to grow, we continue to seek the legal advice of Good Counsel.

The Collaboratory

Hub for Innovators and their Institutional Partners

Elizabeth is like a breath of fresh air – both in the way she approaches law and the energy and enthusiasm that she exudes. She sincerely expressed interest in the legal issue I am dealing with, put time and effort into researching it, and has invited me to work with her on this issue for the long haul, so this is definitely a relationship that I plan on maintaining.

The Artist Co-op

Coworking Space for Performing Artists

Good Counsel was able to assist with: Incorporation of The Artist Co-op, form 1032 completion, 501C status, trademark questions, and membership agreements. Although The Artist Co-op is no longer in the cohort program or an official client of the Good Counsel, Rachel and Elizabeth have continued their relationship. Rachel also continues to refer to Good Counsel and Elizabeth’s services to other startup or friends in need of legal assistance.

Tanekia Farmer

Founder of Veganeik Catering

As a business owner, I feel protected and at ease because of Good Counsel. I am truly grateful for the clear cut guidance and assistance provided by the staff. Good Counsel helped me grow my business with the support and wealth of information given to me to thrive and succeed, allowing me to improve my legal understanding of how to operate a functioning business.