Welcome Aboard, Hiro!

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Good Counsel Services is excited to welcome its first paid staff member, Hiro Mikuriya, as Chief of Staff this August. In this position, Mikuriya will oversee Good Counsel Services’ interns in three internal departments, including marketing, legal, and financial resource development. 

Though Mikuriya was born in Switzerland, he grew up in Japan and Belgium. As a child, he was an avid figure skater, and before the COVID-19 lockdowns, he was beginning to resume this craft. He is a recent Juris Doctor graduate of Georgetown University Law Centre, and he has both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in English Literature from University College London. 

“I find the relationship between law and culture to be really fascinating,” Mikuriya said. “Laws often reflect their culture, just as a culture often reflects its laws.” In his experiences serving as an intern at international law firms, intergovernmental organizations, and a public service broadcaster, Mikuriya has been able to further his interest in law. 

“From a more practical point of view, I’m interested in law because of its potential as a platform to create a positive impact in the world.” 

Mikuriya looks forward to joining Good Counsel Services’ commitment to increasing access to legal services. “This is an opportunity to do work that I can do with absolute pride and conviction,” he said. Mikuriya’s future plans include practicing law on the international scale, and as he puts it, being able to “help people along the way.” 

In addition, Mikuriya finds a way in which French films inform his legal work. “I find a lot of inspiration in the films of the late French director Francois Truffaut,” Mikuriya said. “His films are inquisitive, emotionally intelligent and full of empathy. These are traits that I’d like to be able to tap into in my daily life, both professionally and personally.” 

To welcome Hiro to the team and fund his internship, Good Counsel is calling on its network to kindly contribute to our crowd fundraiser. Good Counsel would appreciate any form of support in making Hiro’s internship possible.

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