This week's client spotlight: Future Meets Present!

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Good Counsel works with a variety of social entrepreneurs and organizations ranging from theatre companies to sustainability groups. This week, we are highlighting a client who is not only working towards a sustainable future but who is also stepping up and responding to COVID by designing and selling customizable and environmentally friendly masks.

Future Meets Present (FMP) is a four-years-old social design company that originally started off as a hashtag. It is based on the vision of a sustainable future happening now- think about rooftop gardens, electric cars, and solar panels- not somewhere off in time and space. "We work within a climate change space," said Amer Jandali, its founder and CEO, "imagine you're driving on a road, and then there's a speed bump, and that speed-bump represents everything we're facing now in terms of environmental degradation, [but] there's another side to the speed bump, and we like to communicate what's happening on that side. As a company, we bring the future to life through design."

Amer Jandali,Future Meets Present
Photo credit: Jodan Rathkopf for Las Cruces Sun News

Amer is an environmental designer with a background in the entertainment industry. He came home from work late at night and saw a documentary about plastic bags and their effects on the environment. It changed the course of his life. "I was getting my masters in design at the same time," said Amer. "It wasn't until later that I realized how that [documentary] was forming the direction that I'm going to take my design services."

The Bracetote turns into a bag

Future Meets Present makes products like the Braceletote, a shopping bag that turns itself into a stylish bandana you can wrap around your wrist, neck, or head. This year as a response to COVID19, the company is now producing and selling customizable and environmentally friendly masks. For every mask purchased, FMP promises to plant a tree, and 50% of the revenue goes towards donations to a local nonprofit. but also hosts an annual event called The Marketplace Of The Future, where social entrepreneurs gather to celebrate their year's accomplishments. This year's event will happen on September 25th and it's free of charge. RSVP here!

Sustainable, environmentally friendly masks now for sale

We cannot wait to see what Future Meets Present comes up with next! For more information about Future Meets Present, their annual event, or to purchase their masks visit:

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