Client Spotlight: Healthy Catering with Veganeik

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Tell us a little about yourself and your business!

My name is Tanekia Farmer and I create food that "flavors the heart and captures the soul." I started Veganeik, a woman-owned catering business that focuses on creating heathy, yet tasty, vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian meals. We also specialize in meal prep and consulting people with their transition to a healthier lifestyle by cutting certain foods out of their diet and incorporating healthy, nutritious options. We create meals for people such as myself with dietary restrictions and people that just want healthy, yet super tasty food. Veganeik delivers and caters to all of New York and New Jersey.

What drew you to the food service industry?

Food has been a love of mine since I was a child. As early as five years old, I remember standing in the kitchen as my southern grandmother prepared delicious, comforting, and inviting soul food feasts. I inherited the compassion and love she put into her food. Growing up, I always knew that creating food and bringing people together to love and feed them was a staple in our family. In my teenage years, I incessantly watched different culinary shows and soon became obsessed. It was amazing to me how food could invoke so much emotion in people, especially good food! That love then evolved into knowledge of self and honoring the temple. Understanding the importance of eating healthy and eating on a higher vibration, I began to cut out certain meats from my diet eventually became a pescatarian. Now, my specialty is creating healthy food into miraculous dishes that are healthy, light and fantastic.

Why did you choose to specifically invest in health-focused cooking?

My company was inspired 8 years ago when, as a poultry and dairy lover, my health took a turn for the worst and I experienced gastrointestinal issues. The pain I experienced pushed me to research the effects and causes of such problems. That was when I discovered how much dairy and meat contributed to cavity buildup in my intestines and arteries. I made a vow and commitment to myself to cut out all meats and dairy with the exception of fish from my diet. Within that journey I discovered will power and was almost magical. I no longer needed medication and I was inspired to help others on their journey by creating healing, healthy, yet delectable, food.

How has Good Counsel helped you accomplish your business goals?

Good Counsel has helped me grow my business because of the support and wealth of information given to me, as a business owner, to thrive and succeed. Good Counsel has allowed me the space to evolve in my legal understanding of how to operate a functioning business. Good Counsel has helped me cut through all the confusing legalities and legal jargon that I may have overlooked or ignored out of frustration. As a business owner, I feel protected and at ease because of the wonderful and helpful staff at Good Counsel. I am truly grateful for the clear cut guidance and assistance provided by the director and staff.

How are you looking to develop your business?

I would like to improve Veganeik by obtaining a restaurant space to create this amazing food and provide customers with a place to eat, enjoy and feel good. This would be a place where people can obtain holistic meals and important knowledge about living a healthy lifestyle. In addition my goal is to continue to evolve and create a diverse menu filled with homemade vegan specialties that are non-GMO with organic ingredients.

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