Meet Our Interns-Yan Sun(Marketing Intern)

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

The amount of work Good Counsel does would not be possible without our team of interns from around the world, with each intern bringing new experiences and skills to the team. They joined Good Counsel for different reasons, some seeking legal experience, others hoping to get exposure to the nonprofit world. All of them, however, are contributing real and crucial work to Good Counsel and its clients. In the process, they’re honing their analytical and communication abilities.

As a part of a weekly series, this summer we will be introducing our group, one intern at a time.

Yan is a marketing intern with Good Counsel Services. As a Chinese student who studies in history degree of Carleton University of Canada, taking an internship in New York City with Good Counsel was an amazing opportunity for her.

When Yan first started with Good Counsel, she was nervous about how well she would perform, having studied history rather than marketing. But over the course of her internship, Yan developed her skills by learning from her team and actively asking questions, and ultimately excelled in her role, both in her marketing role and outside of it, finishing her responsibilities in a timely manner and working well with her fellow interns.

Yan started her internship conducting background research for Good Counsel, looking at clients, potential funders, and grants. This information was crucial for other interns who worked off of her information.

The next stages of her work, where she learned her marketing experience, involved revamping the Good Counsel website. When redesigning the website, Yan imagined herself in the role of a client, a funder, and a potential intern, brainstorming the needs and expectations of these different viewers. She developed ways that the current website could be improved to resemble a more user friendly website.

Beyond her work on the Good Counsel website, Yan completed paperwork, contacted clients, and helped create a booklet about Good Counsel that could be distributed to those wanting to learn about the nonprofit.

Yan’s work will last beyond her time at Good Counsel. Not only will her redesigned website and new booklet teach others about Good Counsel, but Yan has been working on a video project to train future interns. Through Zoom, she’s building a “handbook” that teaches new interns the ins and outs of working with Good Counsel and setting them up for a smooth start to their new role.

Like Yan, we have interns coming in from all around the world, with majors from history to statistics. We have a diverse, young, group and want to push even farther. Good Counsel doesn’t want socioeconomic needs to stop anyone from working with us and we want to grow our internship program to reach even more students. To support our interns, you can donate to Good Counsel here.

This is a selfie from Sommy (left), Gabby (middle) and Yan. They took it after their work.

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