Meet Our Interns: Louis Bonnefous, Financial Resource Development Intern

The great work Good Counsel Services does would not be possible without our team of interns, fellows, and volunteers from around the world, with each person bringing new expertise and experience to the team. In our staff spotlight features, we introduce and highlight members of our wonderful team. This week we interviewed Louis Bonnefous, a Financial Resource Development Intern from France.


Louis works as a business development intern and is mainly responsible for financial development. He is currently a fifth-year student pursuing a degree in Political Science and International Affairs with a minor in Business Entrepreneurship at Northeastern University in Boston. Originally from France, Louis moved to the United States for undergraduate studies. This is his third internship since he started college, having one in public administration in Athens, Greece and another in social media marketing at a small startup accelerator in New York City. Louis already had the opportunity to intern at Good Counsel Services in the fall of 2020, and decided to intern again in 2021. He is looking forward to graduating in May 2022, and potentially continuing his studies in the US by applying to graduate school. While his time with Good Counsel is sadly coming to an end, we wish him the best of luck in finishing up his studies and his future endeavors.

What interested you about the work that Good Counsel does?

The mission that Good Counsel has is unique and not done by any other nonprofits. There is a strong need for small businesses and nonprofits to get affordable help. All of the services provided by Good Counsel have a true and important impact on those small businesses, and this is why the work of everyone here is valuable. At the same time, the immigration cases being defended by Good Counsel are always meaningful and have a strong impact on some individuals' life, which gives another dimension to the work being done by everyone. There is a strong feeling of accomplishment at Good Counsel that you strongly realize once working for the organization.

What has been your favorite part about the work you've done?

I have been enjoying working on grant applications. This is something I never had a chance to work on before and I have been learning a lot during my time here. Grant writing is a unique type of writing that requires a good knowledge of the organization and deep research skills. I have also had a good time working on fundraising in general, notably regarding donor management and strategy. I had the chance to work on two successful Giving Tuesday campaigns during my time here, and I learned a lot of organizational skills by managing those campaigns. The collaborative working projects have also been very enjoyable at Good Counsel, and it is always a pleasure to work with the other interns and the different teams.

What are some of the greatest challenges you've faced?

I have had to learn a lot at first about the nonprofit world as well as the fundraising work in general. However, Elizabeth has always been helpful and responsive to any request and questions. There can be multiple challenges when it comes to working at a nonprofit, notably such as the size of Good Counsel, but everyone is looking to grow as individuals and to help grow the organization itself. I also had to develop stronger independent working skills to be more responsible and efficient in my work.

What are your plans for the future after your time with Good Counsel?

I am planning to come back to school to finish my undergrad degree. I will be graduating in May 2022, and will then hopefully study at a graduate school to obtain a master's degree in the same field of political science and international affairs. I am not entirely sure if my studies will be in the United States or elsewhere, but I am looking forward to this new chapter in my life, with the hope to stay in touch with Good Counsel in the future.

How was your overall experience as an intern for Good Counsel?

My overall experience was really nice and enjoyable. I learned a lot from Elizabeth and all of my coworkers and I have worked on multiple and various projects during the time of my internship. I never felt too overwhelmed or too bored with not enough tasks. The independent nature of the work was definitely a good addition compared to other projects I did work on in the past. I only regret the lack of Slack communication, which I found useful during my first time here at Good Counsel. Other than that, I had a great working experience here!


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