Meet Our Interns-Jasmine Jordan (Legal Intern)

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

The amount of work Good Counsel does would not be possible without our team of interns from around the world, with each intern bringing new experiences and skills to the team. Welcome the Third part of our weekly series, where we introduce our summer interns, one intern at a time.

When it came time to find a summer internship, Jasmine knew that she wanted to go somewhere that she could learn legal skills that also did work with social impact groups. She wanted to work somewhere that she felt was making a clear difference. When she found Good Counsel and met with Elizabeth, founder and executive director, she knew that Good Counsel would be an amazing fit with what she was looking for. 

Now, Jasmine is a legal intern at Good Counsel services. She is currently a junior studying political science at Michigan State University and plans on furthering her education after graduation to eventually become a civil rights attorney. She hopes to use the legal skills that she learns this summer, as well as the exposure to social issues that she was unaware of to help her in her future educational and career planning. As a legal intern, Jasmine works primarily with asylum cases, as well as writing and reviewing contracts. For asylum cases, Jasmine has spent time researching precedent and helping clients with paperwork and authorization forms. She also has conducted practice interviews to help prepare them. Clients who need to write or sign contracts often struggle with the legal language, so Jasmine has summarized contracts for multiple clients so they can be sure they understand what they are signing.  Like Jasmine, we have interns joining Good Counsel because they want to make an impact.We have a diverse, young, group and want to push even farther. Good Counsel doesn’t want socioeconomic needs to stop anyone from working with us and we want to grow our internship program to reach even more students. To support our interns, you can donate to Good Counsel here.

Jasmine and co-workers are working

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