Meet Our Interns: Fumiko Katsuki, Marketing Intern

The great work Good Counsel does would not be possible without our team of interns from around the world, with each intern bringing new expertise and experience to the team. In our staff spotlight features, we introduce and highlight our wonderful interns. This week we interviewed Fumiko Katsuki, a Marketing Intern from Japan who primarily does our graphic and web design and UX work.


Fumiko works as a Marketing Intern at Good Counsel Services (GCS) who primarily focuses on graphic and UX design. She also is helping to redesign our website to make it more accessible and easier to use. In addition, she is working on the website for 51Unicorns, and a pitch deck and a media kit for them. Fumiko is from Japan and has eight years of graphic design experience. Before joining GCS, she spent the past 12 years working for SoftBank, most recently as a UX designer.

She now hopes to create products that make people happy.

What experiences did you have before you started working at Good Counsel?

My first job experience was a product planner and graphic designer for a Japanese fragrance and novelty goods company. I worked on Product Design, Packaging Design, and Product Strategy Planning.

After that, I worked for SoftBank Headquarters in Japan for many years. When I was hired at SoftBank, I was first put in charge of mobile product marketing. I worked on mobile services as a planner to promote the use of mobile mail service. One day, I was suddenly called by my boss and assigned a confidential project. That project involved the development of the humanoid robot project called “Pepper.” I was in charge of the planning applications for the robot and the planning of new robotics products.

SoftBank has a program called “Study Abroad Program.” If you participate in the program, you can go abroad to study some skills for your job. Therefore, I participated in the program and came to the States to learn more about UX design and web design. During my time in the Study Abroad Program, I obtained a certificate in UX Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology and a certificate in Web Design and Development from CUNY (Baruch College).

I’m currently interning at Good Counsel to get more experience working in the United States.

What helped to develop your interest in Marketing/Graphic Design/UX Design?

In UX design, there is a method called design thinking, which explores the potential needs of users and reflects them in products by observing users and empathizing with their behavior. (You can read more about it here.) In marketing, we mainly value numbers and reflect them in our products. However, with UX design and design thinking, we can discover the essential needs of users and find elements that naturally blend into our daily lives and raise QOL (Quality of Life). In Japan, it is being adopted little by little in the field. Because design thinking was born in the United States, learning and using that method in the United States was a plus for me and gave me a lot of confidence.

How did you hear about Good Counsel?

My classmate at CUNY told me about GCS. Her boyfriend was a previous legal intern at GCS.

What is your favorite part about the work you do?

I love graphic design. My background in UX design is also useful in making graphic designs. Human beings can be moved or take action based on the color and shape of visually obtained information. I’m always trying to think of things that attract people and get their attention.

What are some of the greatest obstacles you’ve faced in your work?

I’m ashamed to say that sometimes I get confused when I come across jargon that I don’t know. In that case, I’m secretly looking up words in the dictionary with the shadow of the Zoom screen.

What do you hope to gain from your time working at Good Counsel?

There are many differences in work styles between Americans and Japanese, and I want to gain greater work experience in the United States. Also, I have been able to get a better sense of American culture when I create a post for social media, so I would like to learn more that way.

Do you recommend being an intern at Good Counsel Services?

I would definitely recommend it. There are many people working together who are smart, friendly, and communicative at GCS. The legal work isn’t my field, but there are many opportunities to develop skills. I’m really happy working here.

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