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Updated: Jul 22, 2020


The amount of work Good Counsel does would not be possible without our team of interns from around the world, with each intern bringing new experiences and skills to the team. Welcome to our weekly series, where we introduce and interview our interns one at a time.


Legal Intern

Shenika is in her third year as a law student at Brooklyn Law School. She is particularly interested in Intellectual Property, which is also the focus of the work she is doing for Good Counsel Services. After her graduation, Shenika wants to do Intellectual Property work at a law firm and eventually she would like to focus on small urban businesses working in creative fields. Her ultimate goal however, is to be general counsel for a fashion brand. Shenika also writes a fashion blog and just started a youtube channel about her journey in law school (fashenika). 

What do you like about Intellectual Property? 

I love creative people! I’m into fashion and music, but I wouldn’t say I’m creative myself. So being able to use the law to help creative people is so amazing to me. For the future, I would like to work with creatives and help them to use the law to their advantage. Copyrights, Trademarks, and all that is so interesting, because you get to know so many different people who do so many creative things.

Why did you decide to work for Good Counsel Services? 

I decided to look into Good Counsel Services because I saw that there was an IP internship and I've never gotten the chance to focus on that alone. And after looking into the company, I realized that the work they do is actually very meaningful. It is important for me to help people, especially because at Good Counsel you help small businesses and real people. You get to interact with clients and the whole experience is very hands-on.

What are some of the tasks that your doing in IP?

Currently I am working on filing a trademark for a new business, which means ensuring that their name is protected. Also I’m busy on a trademark for another company, someone who has been using their trademark for a lot of years but then another company has been using the same name. This is why I am trying to work with the government to see how our client can ensure that her name is protected as opposed to the other person that came after her and is somehow using her name. You see, a lot of it is brand protection and making sure that people have ownership over their name.

Can you think of one outstanding experience or any favorite project that you are working on?

Oh yes, there is one company that we are working with and we are actually handling every aspect of their business. I am doing the intellectual property stuff, someone else is working on the corporate stuff, and everybody plays their role. We get to see all aspects of the process and we get a very holistic approach to business. So I’m not just doing IP and not experiencing anything else; I see what everyone else does and that gives me a better sense of business law in general. I really like that you’re not just looking at your own work but you get to look at other peoples projects and how they relate to each other.

Would you recommend being an intern at Good Counsel Services?

Oh definitely! If you want real work experience and work within a good team you should definitely intern at Good Counsel.

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