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Updated: Jul 22, 2020


The amount of work Good Counsel does would not be possible without our team of interns from around the world, with each intern bringing new experiences and skills to the team. Welcome to our weekly series, where we introduce and interview our interns one at a time.


Legal Intern

Kaushik is a law student who is currently enrolled at Columbia University in New York. Originally he is from Texas, but he grew up in Missouri, and attended High School and College in Arizona. Before coming to New York he lived in Chicago for a while doing consulting work. Once Kaushik has finished his internship, he wants to find a job working for the government.

Why did you decide to Intern for Good Counsel? 

I chose to work for Good Counsel because I saw the asylum work that Elizabeth was doing, which I think is very important work to be doing in this day in age. Especially because that seems to be the kind of legal work where people who need the assistance might not have the ability to pay a lot of money for it. 

What kind of work are you doing at Good Counsel? 

I have done lots of research, for example gathering information for a country conditions report, as well as reviewing some of the work that the other interns have been doing on that front. Also, I’ve been looking over potential contracts that clients are sending to us, making sure they have all the right terms, and to verify that we have the legal basis covered. That has been particularly interesting for me, because I don’t have that much experience doing contractual work, so it’s definitely been a very good learning opportunity. 

Can you remember one striking/outstanding experience so far that you had during your Internship?

The people that I have been working with at Good Counsel do stand out, everyone is nice and very communicative. It’s a very collaborative environment, people are always in touch with each other, letting everyone know what’s going on and what they're working on. I think this is great, especially for an organization that has a lot of transient folks, some are working from home or have different schedules each day of the week. Good Counsel does a really good job of feeling cohesive despite that. 

Have you achieved any skills during your time at Good Counsel so far? 

On the asylum front, in addition to learning about U.S. immigration law, I learned about the governmental system for how they integrate policy and how they deal with immigration. The skill of going through AMC’s (Brooklyn Law School Immigration Services) information and trying to figure out what we need to do is definitely an area where I developed some expertise. As mentioned earlier, I learned a lot about writing contracts and what kind of terms you need and what provisions are most common. 

Would you recommend being an Intern at Good Counsel? 

Absolutely, it’s been a great experience so far!

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