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Updated: Nov 12, 2019


The amount of work Good Counsel does would not be possible without our team of interns from around the world, with each intern bringing new experiences and skills to the team. Welcome to our weekly series, where we introduce and interview our interns one at a time. 

ERIN SMITH - Legal Intern

Erin, who originally is from Atlanta, Georgia, is currently enrolled as a law student at Brooklyn Law school. With being an intern at Good Counsel, Erin hopes to gain more experience in different areas of law. She is very interested in Business Law and hopes to pursue a career in that field.  

Why did you decide to work for Good Counsel Services? 

I decided to intern with Good Counsel because I want to gain more experience in business law as well as other legal areas. Since I have only heard great things about the work that Good Counsel is doing, I am really looking forward to experiencing amazing things during my internship.

What are your tasks at Good Counsel?

Last week for example, I drafted a service agreement for our client with a production company which was providing a service for our client. I actually really enjoy drafting documents, especially contracts because there are a lot of things you need to consider. It’s not just about providing the service in return for the money, but there are many smaller things that need to be discussed. For example sometimes a time limit or a time frame needs to be agreed upon or including a confidentiality agreement in the document should be taken into consideration. You see, there is a lot more that goes into a contract than just the bare bone agreement.

Would you recommend being an intern at Good Counsel?

Yes, I would recommend being an intern at Good Counsel. It has been a really fun and interesting experience so far in which I already learned a lot. Good Counsel offers a nice environment to work in and although the atmosphere is very relaxed, everybody is focused on their work and does a great job!

Do you enjoy working with the team and in this work environment?

I really enjoy working at the Centre of Social Innovation. The atmosphere in the co-working space is wonderful and I actually find it very conducive to focus on work. It’s not too distracting but there are still things going on that help to concentrate. I personally cannot work in a place that is too quiet, because I lose focus, so this is absolutely perfect for me. The team is amazing, everyone gets along and is nice, helpful and open. That is always a good work environment to be in. 

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