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Updated: Nov 12, 2019


The amount of work Good Counsel does would not be possible without our team of interns from around the world, with each intern bringing new experiences and skills to the team. Welcome to our weekly series, where we introduce and interview our interns one at a time. 


Miriam is a final year undergraduate law student at Lancaster University. She currently resides in London, England. Choosing a career path in law was something she developed a passion for through her exposure to the different forms of law.

Why did you decide to become an Intern for Good Counsel Services?

I chose to work at Good Counsel because I was intrigued by the kind of work they do that I saw on their website. I realized that they were into so many different areas of law, which I believe I would not have had the same opportunity to experience if I had chosen any other place. I have had the chance to work in different legal areas, including but not limited to intellectual property, immigration, litigation and commercial areas of law. Previously I had a little bit of experience in immigration, criminal law and a general knowledge of law. However, I wanted to expand my interest areas in law and better decide what I wanted to specialize in. So from the information I gathered from Good Counsel’s work, I decided that this was the perfect option for me.

What are your tasks at Good Counsel?

So far, I have explored many areas of law with Good Counsel. I have been able to work in intellectual property, immigration, employment law and contract reviews. I have also done some administrative tasks, like having interviews with incoming interns. Additionally, I have taken the role of managing the current interns and coordination as a whole. Plus, even though I did not personally work on it, I also learned a little bit about tax filings by supporting the intern who was working on a tax case. I feel like all these different and diverse areas have helped me develop my skills and given me a very broad knowledge of what I am interested in.

What is one striking or outstanding experience that you had at Good Counsel? 

One of my most striking experiences is probably Elizabeth’s jokes, and her interest for selfies just intrigues me; it makes me wonder what she does with the selfies!

But also, one of the most interesting things I have done was probably taking the promotion Elizabeth gave me when I started: being the “Boss”. I think this has been a very very exciting experience. Initially it did come across like I would just give out work, doing 'boss roles', but as time went on you do get further into it. When you see all the work falling on your lap and having to work on it, learning how to prioritize work, make sure tasks are completed on time, replying to all the emails you have, etc, it is a lot of stress but I feel like being able to actually do that has really helped me build my stamina for work and helped me grow. Taking on that role, while still having to complete my part of the work is one of the most interesting aspects of my work.

Would you recommend being an Intern at Good Counsel Services?

Yes of course, absolutely! All my friends are low key jealous about the work that I am able to do here. It is amazing to work directly with clients, and we get to learn so much from what we are doing. Especially if you are willing to learn and challenge yourself, being an Intern at Good Counsel is an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss out on. 

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