Marketplace of the Future 2020: "A World's Fair of Sustainability"

Source: Marketplace of the Future

On Friday, September 25th, Future Meets Present will launch its first virtual Marketplace of the Future (MOTF). In its fourth year now, the MOTF has brought together people committed to sustainability and social change. This event will be an “immersive digital marketplace and party, celebrating a sustainable 2050 and the future-thinking that will get us there,” according to their Eventbrite. Because it’s online, this year’s event will be organized a bit differently. Now, a greater number of people can attend, and MOTF can bring in speakers from all over the world. In conjunction with a digital platform called Gather, their event page says that “attendees will be able to explore a virtual map with a small 8-bit avatar, interact with each other, meet brands, attend workshops and talks, find hidden easter eggs, and discover the known, and some of the not-so-known solutions to climate change” and more!

You can find more information about the MOTF on their website. Interested in attending? Sign up here! Want to volunteer? Sign up using this form!

Given the great work the vendors do, we spoke with a few that seemed particularly noteworthy to give you a better idea of some of the brands that will be at the Marketplace next week.


Source: Braceletote

Braceletote, created by Amer Jandali (who is also the creative genius behind Future Meets Present that we featured on our blog earlier this year here), is a multi-purpose, reusable bag that you can “[chill] around your…anything,” according to their website. Each sleeve is made from recycled and repurposed fabric, a form of “BlueSign” Certified, ripstop nylon. The sleeves are large enough to hold 2 gallons of milk and carry up to 50 pounds at a time.

Follow them on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated and sign up for their Kickstarter here!



MPOWERD is a certified B Corp and Benefit Corporation, which means that it is a company “that [uses] the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.” B Corp and Benefit corporations are companies that are “legally required to consider the impact of [their] decisions on [their] workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment,” according to MPOWERD’s website.

In 2012, MPOWERD created Luci, the first solar inflatable light with the goal of making an affordable clean energy product that people could use in a number of different circumstances in communities throughout the world. As part of their mission, MPOWERD seeks to provide people with accessto clean, reliable, and affordable energy. To date, MPOWERD has positively impacted over 3.7+ million people while averting over 1.4+ million tons of carbon dioxide. With every purchase, MPOWERD works to provide clean energy to people around the world who need it most. For example, MPOWERD’s Give Luci Program pools together all donations—from both customers and corporate partners—which are then distributed through their nonprofit and NGO partners for use in search and rescue missions, disaster relief, improving community health and safety, as well as education initiatives.


Sounds cool, right? Follow them on Twitter and Instagram for more updates and sign up for their newsletter on their website. MPOWERD is also launching a new product this month! Their best-selling Luci Solar String Lights are one of the most sought-after recreational lights in the market, so they expanded the line and developed the Luci Color Solar String Lights. Learn more here.


Source: SkyBaron

SkyBaron is a collaborative platform and marketplace for products made with captured and upcycled carbon. They’re helping tobuild a circular economy that is driven by turning our CO2 emissions into things we use every day. This will play an important role fighting climate change by removing CO2 from the atmosphere and restoring balance to the planet. They believe carbon, a natural building block, is a valuable resource and must be used as such.

Carbon Watch - Source: SkyBaron

SkyBaron’s Carbon Marketplace is launching later this year. They’re also taking part in the University of Michigan’s TechLab: Climate Change program to create new products made with CO2. Follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to stay up to date!


Source: Wine for the World

Wine for the World (WFTW) is a wine import company founded by Mika Bulmash in 2013 that seeks to foster inclusion and diversity in the wine industry—be it the people behind the wine, or where the wine comes from—and do their part to democratize the wine industry.

Source: Wine for the World

WFTW sources high-quality wines that are mostly organic and are all sustainable. WFTW ensures that its producers seek to positively impact the world, both in their communities and with regard to the environment. The company works to support women winemakers as well as winemakers of color, indigenous winemakers, and winemakers that are part of the LGBTQ+ community. Wine for the World also helps collaborate with U.S. and international winemakers to highlight talent, promote exchange, and make the wine world just a little smaller.

Interested in trying some good wine? Good news: they just launched a wine subscription.

Psst…did you also know their founder was named a 40 under 40 Tastemaker for 2020 by Wine Enthusiast magazine? Sign up on their website to be in the know! Follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for other updates.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can attend the Marketplace on Friday, September 25th from 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT. There, you’ll have a chance to meet some of the very people behind this great work as well as countless others.

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