Client Spotlight: WeDeliverPeriod - Funding Menstrual Equity Initiatives in the US & Africa

WeDeliverPeriod is a philanthropic initiative of RenewToday that aims to “cultivate a global community dedicated to celebrating the purpose and dignity of women and girls.” WeDeliverPeriod raises “funds and awareness to support organizations and individuals advancing the global menstrual movement.” Since its founding, WeDeliverPeriod had partnered with Repair the World, Thinx, Knickers for New Life, and the United Nations. Their work is made up of all volunteers, usually through word-of-mouth or direct friends of Amelia herself. Good Counsel Services currently serves as a fiscal sponsor for RenewToday, which gives them the capacity to apply for grants. (For more information on fiscal sponsorship, read our article here.) As part of our ongoing Client Spotlight series, we are delighted to have spoken with Amelia about her work with WeDeliverPeriod and its impact on women worldwide.

Inspired by direct, personal experiences of generosity, Amelia Thompson always knew she wanted to do socially-meaningful work. Adopted by an American after being born to a Haitian woman, she saw that “it can literally sometimes be generosity that changes someone’s life trajectory.” In high school, she had an idea about menstruation, where she would make a subscription service for women to celebrate their periods every month. She then went to Vassar College, where she studied Political Science, Africana Studies, and Mandarin. She was particularly drawn to how people in authority make decisions. Sometime after interning for the governor-elect Elliot Spitzer and helping with his Policy Advisory Committee meetings, she decided she wanted to focus on criminal justice issues. She then directed a program funded by the Office of the Mayor in New York City to help young people who were formally incarcerated and returning to the community. These experiences and the support of her friends only reinforced her desire to make positive social change, so for her birthday in July of 2016, she asked her friends to bring over feminine hygiene products. With these products, they made care packages that they donated to the organization GEMS that helps young women transition out of sex trafficking. That’s when WeDeliverPeriod began.

Initial Challenges

Although her friends were very receptive to her ideas, Amelia said it was hard to figure out exactly where she wanted to make a difference. She says:

“Once you dive into that space, there are so many things you can do…for me, it’s been ​to focus to figure out my lane and ​to be clear about that lane.”

Greatest Impacts

After hearing about Knickers for New Life, an organization that does menstrual equity work in Uganda, Amelia contacted them about a potential collaboration. Because their work deeply inspired her, she wanted to host an event to raise money for their cause. Knickers for New Life invited Amelia to visit Uganda with their team in February 2019, where she visited the schools sponsored by the organization and met some of the girls who benefitted from its work. (She had previously visited Uganda in 2017 as a chaperone on a church trip where she saw the conditions there regarding menstruation.)

In partnership with Repair the World, WeDeliverPeriod hosts an annual Impact Concert with music and poetry where attendees learn about period poverty. Attendees are also encouraged to sponsor girls in Uganda.

One of the poets at the Impact Concert, who was inspired by WeDeliverPeriod’s work, also happens to work at the UN. The poet made it possible for WeDeliverPeriod to moderate a panel on menstrual equity at the UN in November 2019. Read more about their partnership with the UN and the event here.

Amelia’s Advice for Those Wanting To Do Socially Driven Work

“Expect open doors. Once you start to move in a certain direction, you’ll be amazed by how many people want to see that sort of work…and support it.”


Amelia is currently pursuing a Master’s in International Education Policy at Harvard University. Please consider donating towards her education fees so that she can continue to keep doing inspiring work. Click here to contribute!

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