Anna Vaysman's Tips

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

As someone who was once a Good Counsel intern, Anna Vaysman had a lot of advice to give. Something she repeatedly emphasized is the importance of having practical and versatile skills. She said that based on her experience interning, those skills became fine tuned and diversely applicable.

Anna Vaysman did not go law school until she was in her 30s. Instead she worked in public service for 10 years, developing her passion for helping and serving her community.

With the long hours and heavy workload Vaysman endured, she had to learn how to manage all of her responsibilities. Her advice? Learn how to compartmentalize, because it is "the key to time management."

When asked about her experience interning at Good Counsel and the advice she would give to prospective interns she said "Good Counsel is very diverse and gives you the opportunity to hone and narrow what you want to do in your career." She added that it is very important to try to do as much as you can and make the most of your oppurtunities.

Keeping an open mind and accumulating knowledge and skills is crucial to success. Having a positive and determined attitude is a recipe for being successful in your career.

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