Legal Assistance

Good Counsel's team of legal experts and certified lawyers are here to serve as your trusted advisors to assist in the applications, filings, and other legal obstacles that stand in the way of social entrepreneurship.

Financial Development 

Given that obtaining proper funding is a problem for many emerging changemakers, Good Counsel's staff will work with you to efficiently manage financial operations and open up your organization to sources of support.

Marketing Consulting 

A partnership with Good Counsel not only provides guidance on promotion and advertising but also opens up doors to potential clients and connections to other change-driven organizations.

Resource Development

Our team of experts will give you the tools necessary to expand your network, operate effectively, and explore opportunities to grow.


Our administrative team is the heart of our organization. They supervise all day-to-day operations: developing all systems, policies, and procedures. They're in charge of managing databases, setting up professional development opportunities, and creating a quality work environment overall.

Board Members

Good Counsel's board consists of professionals who are committed to making Good Counsel a stronger and better organization.


Good Counsel Services, Inc.

Centre for Social Innovation

601 West 26th Street

Suite #325/108

New York, New York, 10001



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