Elizabeth Dembrowsky founded Good Counsel Services in order to provide affordable legal advice to nonprofit organizations.

Good Counsel Services was founded in 2016 by Elizabeth Dembrowsky. While attending night school to get her law degree from Brooklyn Law School, Elizabeth worked full-time as the Executive Director at a small nonprofit with limited resources. This job opened her eyes to the support that was lacking and desperately needed at smaller nonprofits.


The insight Elizabeth gained as an Executive Director reflected what she was learning in her coursework and research at law school – that there were over tens of thousands of small nonprofits like hers that needed support and assistance with their legal, financial, marketing, and fundraising efforts. Without proper support, many of these organizations risked losing their tax exemption status as well as their much needed financial resources.

Elizabeth, uniquely positioned to fill these needs, resolved that she would combine her legal education, and the degree that she later received, with her background and interest in nonprofit work. In July of 2016, Elizabeth’s ideas took flight with the founding of Good Counsel and the launch of its first Cohort Program, directly assisting a dozen organizations with their important work and indirectly helping the thousands of men, women, and children that they serve.



Five years later, our goal is to expand our organization and we look forward to helping even more people in the future.