Good Counsel's team of legal experts and certified lawyers are here to serve as your trusted advisers to assist in the applications, filings, and other legal obstacles that stand in the way of social 


Financial Development

Given that obtaining proper funding is a problem for many emerging changemakers, Good Counsel's staff will work with you to efficiently manage financial operations and open up your organization to sources of support.

Marketing Consulting

A partnership with Good Counsel not only provides guidance on promotion and advertising, but also opens up doors to potential clients and connections to other change-driven organizations.

Resource Development

Our team of experts will give you the tools necessary to expand your network, operate effectively, and explore opportunities to grow.


Our Cohort Program is a free, six-month incubation program for social entrepreneurs that provides affordable legal advocacy and financial, marketing, and resource counseling. Participants receive access to our educational materials and membership to Good Counsel's bronze level of service, providing them with five free hours of one-on-one legal counseling.


Through our cohort, we are creating a community of socially-driven, innovative, and dedicated entrepreneurs. We promote a culture reciprocity and collaboration in community of social entrepreneurs on the rise. We believe that this community enriches each and every one of our clients and partners, and therefore enriches the diverse and important work that they do in their respective fields.

Each Cohort member is awarded a name scholarship to cover the costs of participating in the program. In creating these scholarships, we honor the memory of remarkable individuals who have supported and inspired our work at Good Counsel.


Through the Lunch and Learn Program, Good Counsel brings in experts, professionals, and innovators from diverse fields to present to and be resources for our community of social entrepreneurs and emerging nonprofits. The event is held during the lunch hour at the Center for Social Innovation, which is an incubation space for nonprofits and social innovators. Past presentation topics have included:

  • Avoiding Tax Pitfalls for Small Business Owners

  • Legal 101: Incorporation and Compliance

  • How To Hire & Organize the Most Effective Internship Experience

  • The Basics of Social Media Privacy Concerns

  • Intellectual Property: The Importance of Trademarking

  • The Insurance Toolkit

  • Introduction to Nonprofit Fundraising & Communications

  • Digital & Cyber Privacy Law

  • Crowdfunding 101

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Internship and fellowship opportunities are available year-round and consist of both strictly educational opportunities- such as webinars, seminars, lectures, trainings, attendance of networking events, and one-on-one supervisor instruction and feedback- as well as work-based learning through diverse, direct working experience. Positions for interns are available in each of our four pillars- legal, financial, marketing, and resource development. In addition, Legal Interns assist with our pro bono immigration advocacy work, including helping clients file for asylum, naturalization, and work authorization as well as preparing evidence for immigration hearings. 


We believe that a working experience with Good Counsel should give back as much as a team member puts in- we expect responsible, dedicated, and thorough work from our team, and in return they can expect us to provide them with an experience invaluable to their personal and professional development. We do all that we can to tailor assigned work to the skills, interests, and personal and professional goals of every team member to provide them with the most interesting and personally valuable experience that we can. An internship or fellowship with Good Counsel is a genuinely educational experience, providing young people with the tools for their own professional success and inspiring future changemakers.


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