Legal Intern

Maryanne is from Taiwan. Now the lead of the immigration and asylum team at Good Counsel, Maryanne began her internship during her gap year between high school and college. Her background as a Taiwanese drives her passion in politics, international affairs, and law. Maryanne aspires to become an international lawyer adjudicating issues on war and armed conflicts, sovereignty and territorial disputes, human rights, and international criminal law. She hopes to become a lawyer both in her country and in the States. Her internship experiences also include working at NGO United Way Taiwan and political consulting firm The Advance Group. 


Legal Intern

Raised in NY, Moriah graduated from Cornell University in 2014 and is now a rising 2L at Brooklyn Law School. Moriah’s interest in small businesses stems from her family business. She is excited to intern at Good Counsel Services, Inc. in order to gain hands-on experience and expand her exposure to various fields of law.   


Legal Intern

Born and raised in New York City, Leander is entering his third year at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota where he studies Political Science/International Relations and Arabic. A member of the immigration and asylum team, he is interested in immigration and international human rights law, but also excited to gain exposure to a number of different fields of law during his time at Good Counsel. After graduation, he hopes to pursue a career in law, international relations, and/or public policy. 


Legal Intern

Graduated from Stony Brook University, in 2017, with a major in American History and a minor in English. Currently a 2L, attending Brooklyn Law School, with interests in Employment Law, Corporate Law, White Collar Crime, and Securities Regulation


Legal Intern

Sofia is a rising 2L at Brooklyn Law School. She has a double BA in Political Science and History from Allegheny College. Before attending law school, she worked for Arnold Ventures on their Criminal Justice Initiative and for Elizabeth Rose Consulting. 


Legal Intern

Andrew graduated from Tulane University in 2019 with a Political Science and Philosophy double-major. Andrew joined Good Counsel after completing his 1st year at the George Washington University Law School. Andrew is leading Good Counsel’s social impact and civil rights workgroups, working with change-makers and innovators to transform their ideas into agents of social change. He hopes to have a career counseling and advocating for public interest and social justice initiatives, particularly those which serve his hometown New York City.


Legal Intern

Carrie is a remote legal intern from Saginaw, Michigan. She is a sophomore at Michigan State University, where she majors in Sociology and Economics. Her experiences volunteering with refugees inspired her to seek out an internship where she could learn more about asylum law and advocate for those seeking asylum in the United States. After she graduates, she hopes to pursue a career in public policy.


Legal Intern

Giulio is currently a rising third-year law student at Fordham Law and is a Legal Intern with the Social Impact team. Giulio graduated in 2018 with his Bachelor's in History from Fordham University. Giulio is primarily interested in business and transactional law and is excited to explore his interests and gain exposure to various areas of law with Good Counsel Services.


Legal Intern

Hope Brindle is a junior at University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Political Science, concentrating in International Relations, and minoring in Gender Studies. Her legal passions are in human rights and civil rights. Originally from Long Island, New York, Hope is a steadfast advocate for social justice of all kinds, and is excited to be learning about immigration, civil rights, and the process of seeking asylum from her teams at Good Counsel. 


Legal Intern

Nadia is an aspiring commercial lawyer and incoming final year undergraduate student at the University of Birmingham, in the UK. She is currently interning remotely at Good Counsel and has gained experience working in both the intellectual property and non-profit teams. Having lived most of her life in Ireland and Nigeria and now currently residing in the UK Nadia decided to broaden her horizons and take herself out of her comfort zone by interning in New York.

She is passionate about diversity and inclusion and believes that innovative solutions to
problems stem from a diverse workforce that respects and consider each other's ideas
and perspectives. She has since initiated a diversity and inclusion presentation at Good Counsel and is eager to work with individuals from all walks of life whilst contributing and applying the knowledge she has gained of the US legal system in future multi-jurisdictional transactions.


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