The nonprofit team at GCS is dedicated to assisting nonprofits with incorporation, tax compliance, advocacy, and dissolving.

If your nonprofit has any issue, GCS can assist.


Our social impact work helps entrepreneurs bring about positive social change through a for-profit company.

The civil rights group strives to curate available resources into one handy guide.


Good Counsel provides assistance to solopreneurs, gig workers, employers, employees, and independent contractors working in the social impact and nonprofit spaces.


Good Counsel assists startups in developing an intellectual property strategy that most aligns with their business' goals.


Good Counsel's legal team can help provide the proper services to grant you asylum within the United States.



Our nonprofit team helps individuals create nonprofits that benefit their communities. We provide nonprofits guidance on incorporation, the EIN application, 501(c)(3) compliance with the IRS, bylaws, and board meetings. The nonprofit team works to ensure that the creation of a nonprofit is as seamless as possible. Many individuals have tremendous ideas on the role of their nonprofit in the world and we take these incredible ideas and set these organizations up for success. Through our dedicated team and nonprofit guides, GCS hopes to make this legal knowledge more accessible to nonprofits and individuals. We hope to empower community leaders to do their important work with the greatest chance of success. 


Civil Rights & Social Impact

We help entrepreneurs expand their companies by providing guidance and assistance in drafting various legal documents: including operating agreements, equity transactions, etc. Good Counsel also assists in compliance issues, whether it be with the SEC or with individual states to ensure that our clients are able to legally market to their prospective investors. Generally, the social impact team tries to streamline the process of getting to market by creating guides on how to form an LLC. Many people don’t have or don’t know how to access the legal resources and information needed to start a business on their own. Through these business formation guides, Good Counsel hopes to make this legal knowledge more accessible to entrepreneurs. By empowering more changemakers, more ideas can sprout into companies benefitting a worthwhile cause.


The civil rights workgroup is Good Counsel’s newest addition. Our first project concerned your rights as a protestor and is posted on the Good Counsel blog. In the future, the civil rights workgroup will publish new developments that may be of note for Good Counsel clients, such as the Supreme Court decision regarding employment discrimination against members of the LGBTQ community. In addition, the workgroup will focus on how far we as a non-profit can push the boundaries of advocacy to bring about positive progressive change.



Good Counsel can assist with matters such as employment and independent contractor agreements, handbooks, stock options, etc. This includes employment disputes involving wrongful discharge, family and medical leave, discrimination, wage and hour violations, and reasonable accommodations for pregnancy, disability, or religion. We may also represent workers faced with employment discrimination based on race, gender, disability, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and other protected classes. Additionally, not only do we provide services to employees, we counsel employers on state and federal labor standards including workplace safety and health. Should you find yourself unemployed, we can assist you in contesting unfair denial of unemployment insurance benefits.


Intellectual Property

The Intellectual Property sector of Good Counsel advises clients on how best to protect their intellectual property, and can also assist in a startup's registration for copyrights. We predominantly work with trademark registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Good Counsel can work with a client to help identify what may require patent protection but does not submit patent applications with the USPTO. 



At Good Counsel, we focus our immigration and asylum services for social impact leaders who are advocates in a specific area or devote volunteer hours to solve pressing issues in the United States. We have provided legal consultation for extraordinary ability, work visas, and non-detained asylum seekers that are in either affirmative or defensive asylum proceedings. 

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