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Javier Garcia

Javier Garcia is the Founder and CEO of Suyo, an activewear brand guided by its social conscience and dedicated to helping people fulfill their potential.


In his previous life as a branding & communications professional, Javier worked on award winning communications campaigns for global clients such as LG and Dell, supporting them through new product launches and major rebranding initiatives. His professional experiences led him to become a Professor of Advertising & Communications, and has since taught classes in both communications for global / multinational organizations, and for non-profits and social enterprises.


Javier’s road to launching Suyo came after the realization that exploring one’s physical potential leads to fulfilling one’s physical potential; his weight loss journey in the peak of his career led him to a whirlwind of accomplishments, including completing his Master’s, running more than a dozen half marathons and running the New York City marathon for four consecutive years and, of course, launching his own business in Suyo.