In June of 2016, we launched our first Cohort Program. Since then, we have held six Cohort Programs. This free, six-month incubation program provides social entrepreneurs with affordable legal advocacy and financial, marketing, and resource counseling. Members also receive access to our educational materials and membership to Good Counsel's bronze level of service, providing them with five free hours of one-on-one legal counseling.


Through our cohort, we are creating a community of socially-driven, innovative, and dedicated entrepreneurs. We believe that this community inspires each and every one of our clients and partners, and therefore enriches the diverse and important work that they do.


Each member has been awarded a name scholarship to cover the costs of participating in the program. In dedicating these scholarships, we honor the memory of remarkable individuals who have supported and inspired our work at Good Counsel.



Steph Miller is an actor, coach, and the founder of Thriving Bohemians. Her mission as a coach is to deconstruct the "starving artist" narrative. She equips creatives with mindset and money-making tools that teach them how to cultivate sustainability, persistence, and self-empowerment during all phases in their artistic journey (i.e the busy moments and the quiet lulls). She aims to inspire artists, creatives, and modern-day bohemians to empower their skills not only through their artistic pursuits, but in order to create health, wealth, and happiness.


Grant was born in New York, NY and has lived in the city and neighboring area his entire life. His early experiences with animals at the Bronx Zoo and with family and friends’ dogs growing up solidified a lifelong connection to animals and canines especially. To better serve his local community and put his dog talents to use, he recently started his own small dog-walking and pet-care service in his home neighborhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. His small company prides itself on transparency and strong commitment to dogs’ well-being.


Zeldy Oppen: As the co-founder of Yadb’Yad in 2012, Zeldy’s mission is to help remove the stigma associated with mental health issues. She helps provide a safe place for those afflicted with mental health issues to turn to and know that they need not suffer alone in silence. Given her deep appreciation of the value of support groups, Zeldy feels passionate about starting imadi, an organization which provides case management and guidance to many Jewish families suffering with mental illness. She understands the value in helping families stay strong within the struggles. 


Chana Esther Schechter: Chana Esther graduated summa cum laude with an Au.D from A.T. Still University at Arizona School of Health Sciences. She has been in private practice for two decades. Chana Esther coordinated project LISHMOR- a division of Torah Umesorah, bringing sexual abuse prevention programs into schools. She also co-founded Yadb'Yad, which provides support groups and imadi. 



awarded the Jonathan Greatorex Scholarship


InStep Consulting facilitates Start WELL to Lead WELL programs that ensure healthy living and well-being for social enterprises and social impact organizations. Motivated by Sustainable Development Goal # 3, we help clients to do WELL by their teams so they can do good in the world. Our founder, Colette Ellis, has a personal mission to help women leaders Start Within, to bring their inner desires to the outer world in a heart-centered way.


awarded the Stacia (née Zabrosky) and Alexander Dembrowsky Scholarship


ELI Talks is a nonprofit organization devoted to nurturing and transmitting inspired Jewish ideas. Through ELI's video, website, and social media presence, ELI curates a living canon of new Jewish thought, deeply rooted in text and tradition, to energize and enrich the entire Jewish community.


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