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Founder of Veganeik Catering

"As a business owner, I feel protected and at ease because of Good Counsel. I am truly grateful for the clear cut guidance and assistance provided by the staff. Good Counsel helped me grow my business with the support and wealth of information given to me to thrive and succeed, allowing me to improve my legal understanding of how to operate a functioning business."


Founder of DIDA Academy

"Good Counsel acted as a trusted legal advisor while assisting DIDA with its application to incorporate in New York State and assisted with the completion and filing with the IRS. Throughout the process, Good Counsel demonstrated its expertise in the nonprofit sector and offered the necessary guidance to the founders to set up the academy. As DIDA continues to grow, we continue to seek the legal advice of Good Counsel."


Founder of The Artist Co-op

"Good Counsel was able to assist with: Incorporation of the The Artist Co-op, form 1032 completion, 501C status, trademark questions, and membership agreements. . Rachel also continues to refer Good Counsel and Elizabeth’s services to other startup or friends in need of legal assistance."

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